Goal Zero Update and Prepper Self-adhesive Bandages…

GOAL ZERO – Quick Recap: My Goal Zero Adventure Extreme 350 Adventure power pack wasn’t holding its charge.  I called Goal Zero and they sent out a replacement battery pack.  It works MUCH better.  So real world stats… I ran my iMac 27″ for 1 hour and 45 minutes at 80% screen brightness watching movies and THEN, without a recharge, charged my iPhone 4s, ran a “light-a-life” (Goal Zero’s proprietary lamp) AND a small fan all at the same time for another 4 hours!

When the iPhone fully charges I threw on 8 eneloop batteries to charge. FYI - I use them for my Fenix TK41 Flashlight- Which is the perfect flashlight in my opinion (small and bright as HELL!) I have had several Fenix flashlights and they are all durable and quality lights.

Prepper Self-adhesive bandages: I happened to be at my in-laws’ house and in the bathroom were THESE bandages.  When I checked them out they were called “Tough Strips“, so +1 for a cool name.  More importantly, they are large, waterproof, contain superior adhesive and had a special bandage that not only was thicker so it could absorb more blood but also has ‘quiltvent technology’ which allows superior airflow for quicker clotting and a cleaner wound.  Now, aren’t these the bandages you want in your chest rig, bug-out bag or just in your preps?  When the S hits the F – we aren’t going to have time for inferior band aids that are falling off… we will need high-quality super adhesive bandages!  Just thought I’d share the find with you.



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