Fun Friday Post

I decided to have a little fun with today’s post … yes, even preppers can have fun sometime!

So you won the powerball $180,000,000 huh?  Well congratu-f’ing-lations! (insert SERIOUSLY sarcastic tone)  Well now that you are a super rich prepper what are you going to do?

Since we all like living in the burbs we will want to stay here.  But maybe move up to a slightly bigger house like this one here.  (I picked Vegas because one of my readers just posted a comment from there and it is just screams decadence!)  If you have the big bucks you don’t need to leave the burbs to be safe, just be sure it has enough room for a helipad.  Helipad? Oh yeah!  There is not an easier way to bug-out to your outlander retreat than in a Agusta AW 139 Executive Transport!  [full acrobat brochure here] Luxury seating for the entire family plus luggage (and weaponry) along with a 1,100 mile range allows you to get from your suburban castle to your brand new, state of the art survival castle without worrying about road agents, traffic, roadblocks or the walking dead.  Just be sure you staff a full time pilot and maintenance crew with a backup of every circuit board stashed in an EMP proof container.  As for your SHTF castle …

May I present WORLD’S END! (applause!)

This is a serious survival structure folks!  Blue Sky Construction is building/will build/has built (can’t tell) this converted missile silo for you and your family to survive just about anything!  Full scale nuclear attack, comet/asteroid strike, zombie’s ruling the world or Hilary Clinton’s election as our next president. (obviously the last one is the worst!  Gaining entrance into World’s End is practically impossible with walls up to fifteen feet thick of heavily re-enforced concrete and steel, blast doors up to six feet thick and up to 150 tonnes in weight buried up to 200ft deep underground into the surrounding countryside.  This baby can even withstand a direct nuclear attack The site is covered by a comprehensive and extensive network of Color and infra red night vision CCTV systems with localised and remote 24 hr monitoring.  NIIICEEE!  It has got 14 stories of space in the actual silo bay.  It includes everything from a loading dock to a home theater and swimming pool!  Who says you can’t ride out the end of mankind in style!  Add in a 1,000 foot deep well for drinking water along with generators and air filters to make this the most bad-ass end of the world retreat known to man!  I would guess that with proper planning this facility could house 10 – 50 people indefinitely!  Check out this and other missile silos for sale here at

In case you need to get around while at your retreat consider a couple fully armored Hummer H1s.  Add in some infrared headlight covers to allow driving at night with no headlights and you have one serious SHTF ride! 

Aaaahhh, to dream.  Oh well, back to reality!


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