Food and Water – Prep the Basics

saiga 308It is quite easy to get caught up in the ‘mall ninja’ mentality of prepping… I KNOW – I’VE BEEN THERE.  What I mean by that is – It is easy to buy gadgets, gizmos, doo-dads and the like based on the notion that you MIGHT one day need them.  Well, although fun to buy and play with, doo-dads and gizmos are not essential.

Focus on food and water.  As I have stated in previous posts – you may need guns, you may need medicine (probably), you may need all sorts of things; BUT what is for certain? — YOU WILL NEED FOOD AND WATER, NO MATTER WHAT!  So, my advice for today is remember the basics and your next prep dollars should go towards food and/or water.

Water - Remember; 2 gallons per person per day is recommended & 1 gallon per person per day is required for survival.  I have 5 people in my family – that means I will drink upto 10 gallons PER DAY!  Your water will go fast so prepare accordingly!  For fun, track how much water you drink on a normal day.  I did and it was more than a gallon.  I even tried this when I was out working in the yard – light work mind you – I went through 3.5 gallons!

Food - Could there be a more appropriate currency of a fallen society?  Nope!  Get all the food you can.  Canned food, freeze dried food, dog food… wait, no – no dog food, MREs, WHATEVER.  YOU WILL NEED FOOD so get it and get a lot.  I have been asked what is good ‘amount’ of food to have.  Well, I don’t know.  But if I had to guess 1 year would be on the safe side and 6 months is a minimum.  With a year of food, you should be able to gorw SOME thing and extend that a bit.  If you are REALLY paranoid about survival or prepping – GET 10 YEARS!

Miscellaneous - I got a Saiga .308 rifle!  Woohoo!  They are California legal, about $500 and shoot military 7.62 surplus ammo on the CHEAP.  The stories about these rifles are epic!  As they are based on the ak-47 platform, they are reliable, and will shoot forever!  I did not get all the ‘bells and whistles’ for it.  A basic and lightweight aimpoint sight and an upgraded forend with some rails.  Both the scope mount and new forend were $70 at

Also – I have added a few new links – check them out and spend some of your hard earned money where the Sub Prep shops!  BTW – None of these companies pay me or even give me a commission.  These are truley the places I shop and trust.


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