Excellent Barter Items – Durable Zippo Lighters

Fire.  An absolutely mission critical element of any preppers plan.  Do not count on being able to generate fire easily deep into a SHTF scenario without some preplanning.  I know you guys (and gals) are set but what about your idiot neighbor?  Sure he has got his BBQ lighter and some match books laying around what what then?  Disposable lighters are ok but have a limited life, many are cheap and cannot be trusted and matches are good but again, you can only have so many, can get wet and be useless and trying to like one with a light breeze is almost impossible.  Therefore, an excellent prep are zippo lighters, fuel and flints.  They are wind resistant (sort of wind proof), durable, refillable and you can get parts for them to keep it going almost forever.  These will be in high demand in the Post-SHTF wasteland! 

Best zippo lighter for a prepper is HERE.  A flat black, durable lighter that is the exact replica of the ones issue to our boys in WWII and currently only $13.  Good enough for them… good enough for.

FUEL:  You can get the 12 oz can which gives you better price per volume but makes it harder to trader as most people will likely not need such a large bottle.  You could just refill someone’s zippo for them on the spot for a small trade.  You can also get the smaller sized for actual trade (but it costs more per volume).

FLINTS AND WICKS:  Most people forget about these as they are rarely changed during normal use – but during the zombie apocolypse, you use is anything but normal!  So don’t forget to prep wicks and flints.  Here is a great zippo use/barter pack.  It is 3 packs of wicks and 3 packs of flints.  That is 3 wicks total (which last quite a while) and 18 flints (6 to a pack) all for the current price of $5.89 – GREAT DEAL!

These Three items will be invaluable to keeping YOUR new zippo going basically forever and they will make an excellent barter idea for trading. 

BONUS BARTER ITEM: Playing Cards.  For entertainment and morale purposes, nothing beats a deck of cards.  They are compact,durable, inexpensive to buy, they can be used by yourself or with others and/or I guess you could do some gambling with them to win or lose money or supplies (not advised).  These are another great barter item to keep on hand.  A great deck to get is the Bicycle Guardian Deck.  They are meant for magicians but that means they are designed to be stronger and more flexible – basically they will last longer.  They are little more than buying in a bulk pack but you may want the better quality.

If you have kids don’t forget the UNO CARDS… kids love them.  Go over to this UNO game web site and print out all the different versions of the UNO game to keep things interesting.




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