Eton Scorpion

If you are a suburban prepper then chances are you have some Eton gear already.  The company makes some cool gadgets for the camping, hiking and survival world.  The latest is the SCORPION!  I like badass names and this has one.

I preordered one of these a month or so ago and I just got the word from that it shipped.  Once I get it, I will post a review.

If you are like me you have a ton of appliances that are powered by USB.  Some essential like your cell phone and some not-so-essential like your ipod.  I have been looking for a solution to providing PERPETUAL power to these devices in a quit, clean and simple way.  If the grid goes down, comfort items, like your ipod, will be VERY handy for moral and possibly a life saver if you have kids.  Parents… you know what I mean!

I have tried several CHEAP solar chargers and they don’t last.  A couple of charges or at most a couple of weeks and they are shot.  Definitely NOT the sort of reliability I am looking for in a SHTF situation.  When I saw the Eton, I liked that it was a name brand, I liked that it had solar,  I liked that it had a radio, I liked that it is water resistant, I liked that it had a flashlight BUT I LOVED THE HAND CRANK!  Solar is touchy so the hand crank makes me feel warm and fuzzy!  LED lights and a hand crank = lights forever!

They are pricey at $50 but I expect a price drop sooner than later.  Check them out HERE at and the video below.  Pick one up HERE at amazon and then tell me what you think!



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