efoods.com’s food is pretty good…

I was approached by an efoods.com rep that offered to send me a sample pack for free.  I was thinking I was something special until I found out that any schlub can get one of these packs.  SEE HERE FOR FREE FOOD. (you “civilians” have to pay for shipping though!)

Anyway – I cooked some of these meals up and they were pretty good.  My kids even liked them - in fact they were voluntarily eating the stuff.  That is not typical of survival foods and kids who are typically the pickiest eaters.  efoods states that you can add butter to some of them for better taste but I deferred as I wanted to taste them as if we were in a post-event scenario and I was just preparing it with the bare ingredients – the meal and water.  (I did add some salt as that is a basic prepable item)  But, as a note, I bet you they are better with the butter! Tasty!

FYI - I had the Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole and Tortilla Soup

Having backup meals in the house is sooooo valuable.  You can never go wrong with too much food.  I have totally cooked survival food for my family in a pinch before.  Whether you serve these meals because you are short on funds for the month, society has collapsed or you just don’t want to drive to the store – these are quality meals and worthy of your pantry space.



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