Don’t Go Nuts With the Guns!

(here she is... The Springfield M1A Socom, with a few accessories of course)

Here she is… The Springfield M1A Socom, with a few accessories of course.

What? Really? Are you actually posting this?  Yeah, I am.

I was in Bullseye yesterday getting some rounds down range and I was drooling over a Springfield M1A Socom … (insert Homer Simpson drooling sound here).  In California this is about the most expensive bad-ass battle rifle in a .308 caliber you can get.  It is $2,200 … yeah $2,200!  I was standing there trying to talk myself into it and trying to figure out where I was going to sleep when my wife found out about it when it dawned on me … “This is a seriously excessive purchase!”.

If you are a true prepper then guns should be a requirement and not an obsession.  You only need a few guns to protect yourself and your family.  A shotgun, a couple pistols and a long-range rifle are more than enough for urban/suburban survival.  Chances are any confrontation that occurs will not even come to actual shots fired.  He will see you have a gun, you will see you that he has a gun and both of you will not want to die, so you both walk away!  I know, I know, that may NOT happen but the chances of anyone in the suburbs going comando on you are seriously tiny!  Guns are a necessary tool in the game of “threat of mutual destruction”.  Your opponent won’t try to kill you if he risks dying himself (unless the circumstances are extraordinary).  If people know you don’t have guns then you are a target, and an easy one at that.  If people know that you have at least one gun there is almost no chance they are going to forcibly try to take what you have.

The point I am trying to make is that sometimes I think gun nuts become so-called survivalists or preppers just to justify their gun purchases.  (I know I am risking a lot by attacking gun nuts as they are probably a large part of my readers.  But I am trying to give advice to a diverse crowd and this is legit advice!) There may be some would-be or aspiring suburban preppers out there who are intimidated by the amount of gun speak that goes hand-in-hand with prepping and therefore less likely to try to become prepared.  I WANT these people to be prepared!  If they are my neighbors, they will not be coming to me for food, they will be self sufficient.

Let me put it another way (since this post is really about resource management, you know money?)… There is a 100% chance that if the SHTF you will need your food preps (gotta eat right?), there is a 50% chance you will need your medical preps (100% chance for common items like toothbrushes and headache medicine) but it is entirely possible you will never need your weaponry!  So this is where I am going with this … don’t go nuts with your gun purchases.  Pick up a nice pump-action shotty ($300) a nice 9mm auto ($400) and a scoped survival-type rifle (10/22s are only $300 or so)… once you got this (and sufficient ammo) spend more money on food.  You are ALWAYS gonna need more food.  If the current headlines are any indication of the food situation to come then stock up now.  Don’t buy that new AR (if you are lucky enough to live in a state that allows them!) or that new M1A Socom (more drooling) put the money to more practical preps.

BTW, I hate being practical but sometimes it is the right thing to do!


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