Don’t Forget to Live Your Life Preppers!

I am in Oahu, Hawaii – Waikiki to be exact.  I am a 1,000+ miles away from my food stores, weapons, ammo and all my other prep gear.  If the S hits the F – I will be a refugee.  I will be exactly where I DON’T want to be – at the mercy of the government.  The hotel I am staying at has 1,000′s of people – without regular food and water delivery the masses will quickly use all the resources they have to offer.  I have a little food in my room but only enough to last hours and not days, weeks or months!  The hotel employees who are normally here to serve me and kiss my you-know-what will quickly desert the hotel to be with their families.  Basically – I’d be screwed.

But I am here because despite being an avid prepper and (hopefully) ready for anything – I still have a life to live and a family to keep happy.  Happiness comes from travel, experiences and quality time with friends and family.  This is a short post to remind all my readers – DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE FEAR OF THE WORLD AND UNKNOWN – LIVE YOUR LIFE – ENJOY YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND MAKE PREPPING A SECONDARY FOCUS. 

I will post some more in a few days when I am back and rested!

PREP HARD AND PREP NOW (unless you’re in Hawaii!)

Aloha – The SP!

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