Covert Tactical Backback? Uh, YEAH!

I just stumbled upon this sweet new pack from 5.11 Tactical.  It is an undercover tactical pack – in other words, it has tactical features yet doesn’t look like a tactical pack (one covered in pouches and molle gear).  Why is this important?  If we are operating in a grid down environment but not yet fully emerged in martial law or hell-on-earth; we are going to want to be tactically ready but not appear so.  For one, it will keep any potential adversaries from recognizing you as an elevated threat and two, you won’t call attention to yourself from any remnants of law enforcement that may be still operating.  This is a great transitional pack.

Check it out HERE.

See the video below as well to see all the great features!

Only downside, it is pricey at $100+.



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