Coming Soon … A new survival blog

Since it is has become all too obvious that I have too much time on my hands and too much to say about survival, preparedness, self-sufficiency and home protection I have decided to start a blog.  Another one?  Yes, but this one will be tailored to those like me.  Hiding in plain view among my fellow suburbanites.  I believe that there is a special breed of prepper in the suburban world.  One that is faced with different challenges than the average survivalist.  These issues will be the focus of my blog.

If you live in suburbia or a moderately populated city and wish to discuss preparations for the fall of Rome, please check back.  If you live on a 2,000 ranch in rural Idaho then go visit, Rawles has got you covered.  If you have a wife and kids that mean more to you than life itself and your only hope is that they can lead a normal life while you creep and crawl in the basement preparing for the worst then maybe I will have a few interesting things for you.





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