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Water, Water, Water…. Get the point?

Don’t forget that even with all the discussions about guns, ham radios, food stores, retreats, etc…. you will not make it more than 72 hours without water!

Locate water sources in your area as you cannot store enough to last forever.  Get water treatment options like filters, etc.  and ultimately you want a good 5 gallon pot to boil your water.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a nice supply of water bottles too.

If you control water you may just be able to scavenge enough to survive – if you don’t?  Well, game over.

JUST REMEMBER TO PREP WATER – WATER – WATER.  It is the first three rules of prepping!!!



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Stuff I REALLY Liked (and bought) from Last Post

Ok here is what I thought was thoughtful and what I actually bought:

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit - Compact and portable.  Fishing could be an essential way to survive.  Creeks, rivers and lakes are home to TONS of food IF you have the equipment (and know how) to get them out!  Do some research and ask around what bait to use for any areas you plan on fishing.

PROKNOT Outdoor Knots - When the S hits the fan you are going to jerry rigging EVERYTHING!  If there is one thing my dad taught me - it is that the right knot can make all the difference.  Remember – a perfect knot is not just about making it tight and secure but being able to UNtie it easily!

Paisley Cotton Bandanas - What SP?  Seriously?  Yes!  As I thought about it I realized bandanas are so useful.  tourniquet – Mouth cover in dust – head cover from the sun – bandage – etc, etc… Get a BUNCH!

Just Some Ideas – If I hadn’t thought of them perhaps you didn’t either.






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Holding Your Ground – A Book Recommendation

GRAB A COPY HERE! (and support our site)

Preppers DefenseAn important part of any preppers preps should be their library.  Books, manuals, maps and other PRINT resources are invaluable.  Because all preppers know that one of the most susceptible areas in society is the power grid.   When/If the grid goes down, power will become one of the most precious commodities.  You don’t want to waster power on research if it can be  overcome by prepping paper resources in whatever form.  Paper is a preppers friend! 

Don’t count on the internet for prepping resources – even with power we may not have the internet – either due to intentional disruptions from the gov’t or cyber-terrorism OR infrastructure failures causing an outage (yes, there are parts of the internet that are physical and if they aren’t maintained and powered they fail)

I personally have two parts to my prepper library; (1) the first part is composed of resources that are for reading now.  I study and assimilate this material BEFORE the S hits the F; (2) the second part consists of resources that are geared towards scenarios that are more remote (in my opinion) - therefore, I feel time spent reading this material could be better spent on category 1 books and manuals.  Nonetheless, I want to at least have the information in category 2 in case I need it at a later time.  Both category 1 & 2 resources are essential to a preppers library.

One book that is perfect for either category (although in my library this is a category 1 title) is Holding Your Ground – Preparing for Defense if it All Falls Apart, by Joe Nobody.

This is a well written, easy to read MANUAL (not a book) explaining military techniques, as well as practical suburban techniques, for first rate defense of your home, farm or retreat.

Joe Nobody’s simple explanations of the material makes this book great.  Like the Army, I like the old addage of ”K.I.S.S.” – Keep It Simple Stupid and Joe’s done that.  Add in visual aids and you have a book anyone can read and understand.  I found the book to be thorough by discussing not only  the defense of retreats in rural areas but also homes in the suburbs, medium density apartments and high-rise condos.  Spoiler Alert: It ain’t looking too good for you high-rise folks so forget prepping and spend your money NOW before it’s too late.

Sample of What is Discussed:

  1. Identifying issues and how you can remedy them at your specific bug-in location,
  2. How to assess a group attacking you,
  3. How to formulate a multilevel perimeter and what each level means,
  4. Fortifying your perimeter with “Area Denial Systems” and early warning systems
  5. Fighting positions and the prepositioning of supplies,
  6. Falling Back Strategies
  7. And of course, weapons (but done well and non-threatening)

Here is a great diagram for defending a suburban location.

If you read my posts you know I am proponent of bugging in.  Those of us with families can’t travel well and are better served by hunkering down and bugging in.  A main area of focus should be stocking and defending your home or bug in location.   This book can help with that.

All in all it is a great book for those of us who don’t have formal training in defense of a fixed position.  I felt that I definitely got my money’s worth at $15.

Prep hard and Prep Now!


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Another Casting Call – Give the Prepper Movement Some Momentum!

Call it what you will, but it’s only a matter of time before life as we know it will destruct.

A successful production company working with a major cable network is embarking on a unique journey. We are looking for people or families who want to start prepping! Whether you are concerned with Solar Flares, Government Takeovers, Hurricanes or Nuclear Winter.

We are looking for DYNAMIC people and families who want to be ready when it all hits the fan! We’ve assembled a team of the field’s top specialists to put you to the test. From general prepping, to tactical defense, to construction and engineering, these experts will determine and improve your odds of survival when disaster strikes.

About the Show:
Our prep team takes it on themselves to measurably improve the survival odds of each group. From a bug out vehicle to an escape plan to self defense techniques to food storage, our experts will take you from beginner prepper to seasoned pro!

We are looking for people who own their own home who are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. If interested, send an email with your name and contact info to preppercasting@gmail.com , and be prepared!


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