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Water, Water, Water…. Get the point?

Don’t forget that even with all the discussions about guns, ham radios, food stores, retreats, etc…. you will not make it more than 72 hours without water!

Locate water sources in your area as you cannot store enough to last forever.  Get water treatment options like filters, etc.  and ultimately you want a good 5 gallon pot to boil your water.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a nice supply of water bottles too.

If you control water you may just be able to scavenge enough to survive – if you don’t?  Well, game over.

JUST REMEMBER TO PREP WATER – WATER – WATER.  It is the first three rules of prepping!!!



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Attack on the United States!

The title is salacious – I know.  Why aren’t more people calling this what it is?!?!  foreign embassies are the land of sovereign nations – this is a basic tenet of international law.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE – THE UNITED STATES WAS ATTACKED TWICE THESE PAST FEW DAYS!  ONCE IN EGYPT AND AGAIN IN LIBYA.  My heart goes out the families of those Americans serving overseas who died.



Now, any history student can tell you that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is what caused WWI.  How hard is it to imagine the storming of US Embassies and the murder of a US diplomat could cause WWIII?  This is already a screwed up area of the world and these sort of “sparks” can ignite the world into a blaze of war.  Israel is clearly itching to bomb Iran – the Islamic world couldn’t hate the US anymore than they already do – China and Russia seem to be supporting our enemies (Iran and North Korea) and the world police (the US) could be pulled into full a blown WORLD WAR.

From a prepping stand point this doesn’t change much but it should give you the incentive to step up your preps.  World war which will inevitably involve some middle east country or countries will spike oil prices, spook the markets and cause massive panic.  We will very likely not see attacks on US soil as the fight will happen overseas but that does not mean that mean we will not feel the effects at home.  Our country is divided politcally and socially like never before and our economy is in a very fragile state.  Anything serious could tip the balance and cause a knee-jerk reaction that results in a depression or worse.

It was said that today’s headlines are a terrible reminder how violent the world is.  Remember that statement.  Protect yourself and your family.

We could all wake up ANY morning and find that Isreal has bombed alleged nuclear facilities in Iran - a terrorist cell (backed by a shadow foreign nation) has sucessfully attacked the US or China has attacked someone over disputed territories or North Korea hit South Korea with another artillary strike.

PREP NOW and PREP HARD – You may be running out of time!


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New Swine Flu Virus Shows Lethal Signs and Zombie Warnings from DHS

Ok, one of these is a sign of the apocalypse, you figure which…

New Swine Flu Virus Shows Lethal Signs &

Zombie Warnings from DHS



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Coupon Code for 10% off? I’ll take that!

Ready Reserve Foods has graciously sent a special coupon code for Suburban Prepper readers that gives you 10% off any order over $50.

The code is SEPSP

This is in honor of National Preparedness Month. Stock up on food or whatever you need!


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Prepping Update – Things Seem Good Lately. Time to Rest on Prep?

Things have been pretty quiet lately regarding doomsday or potential SHTF events.  With the election looming mainstream coverage seems to be down-playing Armageddon.  Is it time to rest and relax on the preps?

I prefer a slow and steady, almost methodical, approach to prepping.  In other words, good or bad news, I steadily prep.  This is advantageous because:

  1. It allows you to use monthly budgeted amounts for prepping as opposed to large cash outlays (which our spouses may or may not like);
  2. It allows you to make a long-term plan for your needed preps based on your current situation and then accumulate them in an organized manner as opposed to haphazard purchases;
  3. You don’t get caught up in panic buying when prices spike thanks to the latest headlines;
  4. You should be ready (or close) when a sudden SHTF event occurs (earthquake, tsunami, terrorist attack, etc.) and
  5. It helps you automatically rotate stock or acquire fresh stock so you don’t have expired or soured preps.

Some standard set and forget preps are found below.  All of the items listed below are also EXCELLENT barter items.  I like and their subscription services for these:

  1. Bandages.  So critical.  Try having a small cut on your hand and working the day without one.  Your healing time increases exponentially.
  2. Antibiotic Ointment.  When used in conjunction with bandages, you reduce your risk for infection and cut healing times down.
  3. Peanut Butter.  Excellent source of calories and protein.  Also very portable.  Kids and adults love it the same.  This is a great deal btw.
  4. Water Bottles.  No real need to elaborate on this.  Portable and potable water may be gold when SHTF.  (sorry, no subscription for this one)
  5. Beef Jerky.  Long shelf life, portable and another great source of protein.
  6. Toothbrushes.  With no dentists around, dental care via preventive measures is key.
  7. Pain Relief – Ibuprofen.  I like the generics since they are way cheaper but some people just love the sugary coating on Advil.  Don’t forget Children’s Pain Relief too!
  8. Freeze Dried Food StoresFood will be the currency.  You can NEVER have too much.
  9. Batteries.  You can’t have too many of these.  I have been using the brand for a while now and like them based on their price.  Of course, if you are real prepper pro you get eneloops.

This list is not exhaustive but a good start.



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