Can You Be Prepared?

Today’s post focuses on the question “Can you consider yourself prepared?”.  In other words, can you look at your preps, look at your skills and training, look at your overall preparedness situation and honestly tell yourself “I am prepared”…

I say YES!

Prepping can turn into an obsession.  If you disagree then you are in denial!  haha.  As I have journed down my path of preparedness I have prepped for every congtingency I could think of.  Then I prepared for multiple variations of each contingency.  But sure enough, every month or so a new scenerio comes to mind and I start prepping for that.  IT IS ENDLESS!  I know you know what I am talking about… this is the obsession part.  Accepting that you cannot prep for everything is especially important in today’s economy where money is scare and tomorrow is uncertain!

The fact of the matter is that you CAN NOT prep for every contingency!  You can’t deny that.  What you CAN do is get as close as you can, admit that there is nothing you can do about EVERY contingency and then let it go.  If you have prepped your best, by that I mean you have food, food, food, water, water, water, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, magazines, lighting solutions, batteries, heating solutions, clothing, tools, building materials, a bugging-out strategy, a bugging-in strategy, a zombie scenario (haha), a viral outbreak scenario plan…. ETC, ETC, ETC…. You can designate yourself as prepared!  Don’t get hung up on what you DON’T have, appreciate what you DO have and relax!Keeping%20America%20Prepared

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