Calling All Preppers! TV Casting!

Here is the exerpt from the email I received from RAW TV.. Do you want to be on the next reality show?

I work for the TV production company Raw TV – makers of hit Discovery show Gold Rush Alaska (Fridays 10PM E/P) that follows a group of men from Portland on a pioneering mission to mine for gold.
We are now looking for people to take part in our next exciting network TV series ‘Pioneers’. We are looking for American families who are considering starting new lives for themselves in the great American wilderness and are willing to be followed throughout their experiences by our cameras.
Have you always dreamed of making a new life for your family in the wilderness, away from bureaucracy and the rat race? Have you and your friends been talking about starting a new community with your own rules? Or are you already living in a community away from society?
If you answer yes to any of these, or know someone who would – we would love to hear from you.
Please email your contact details and your story to
Thanks so much for your time,
Raw TV

I hope to see some of my readers on this thing so it has an authentic feel!

Keep Prepping!


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