Well, maybe not imminent but it IS Coming!  Are you, my fellow Californian’s, prepared? 

Scientists are saying that there is a 99.7% chance that Cali is going to get hit with a jumbo rocker in the next 30 years.  That does not leave us much time people!!  You have a slightly better chance if you are in upstate as opposed to the City of Angels (Los Angeles for those out-of-staters).  They are predicting at least a 6.7 magnitude quake which is a pretty hefty one.  Loma Prieta was a between 6.9 and 7.1 and was the big one that brought down a section of the Bay Bridge, brought the Marina District down a whole floor (literally) and collapsed the Cypress Structure…. Ouch!  Read the whole article here.

The Aftermath of the 89′ Quake … Top, the Cypress Structure, that used to be TWO Levels! On the bottom, the Marina District homes crushed their first floor!

So today lets talk earthquake preparation.  Earthquakes present a unique situation for preppers because you never know when they are going to strike…. Ooooooooo!  So what do you need? 

The Basics:

  • Food, at least one month to be on the safe side.
  • Water, 1 gallon per person per day, you must assume the water mains are going to burst and you will be without water for weeks.  A great hand-pump water filter will help you with a steady flow on drinkable water.  Try the Katadyn Combi.
  • Medical Supplies.  Get yourself a good first aid kit.  Not the one you use on a regular basis.  Who knows how complete it is.  Get one dedicated purely for your earthquake kit.
  • Search and Rescue Equipment: Shovels, prybar, chainsaw, pick-axe, gloves (along with a backup pair) and a hardhat couldn’t hurt.
  • Gas shut off tool.  Find it here.  I like this one because it has directions.  Be sure you know where your shut-off is ahead of time.  Also know where your water main enters your house and know how to shut it off.
  • A good tent that can hold the family.  If your house is structurally unsound you are going to be roughing it until repairs can be made.  Even if you only have severe cracking, you may want to or have to wait for an OK from your city that the structure is habitable.
  • Flashlights, flashlights, flashlights and grab a few flashlights while you are at it.  Oh and batteries, batteries, batteries.
  • Make sure you have a radio (hand crank preferably) to stay up to date with what is going on.
  • Self-Defense: There are going to be a lot of displaced, hungry and thirsty people that may be looking at yourstash to take.  People can get desperate and irrational in a time of crisis.  Be prepared to defend yourself and your family.  Who do you think they are going to go after, the guy with sitting on a pile of food and water or the guy sitting on top of a pile of food and water holding a shotgun?  You decide…
  • Cash, Cash, Cash… In the event of a serious quake, be sure you have at least $300 in cash.  WIthout power ATMs and business’ credit card processors will not be working.  It is also a good bet that in a time of crisis, personal checks won’t get you far either.
  • Economic Consequences: If it is big enough, a quake can have far reaching economic consequences.  If the port of Oakland or any one of the Southern California ports gets damaged(Tsunami?) then the flow of goods to California and the US for that matter can be severely disrupted.  Grocery store shelves may not be stocked as usual … or not at all!  Be prepared for a market crash in the event of a serious quake.  The SP makes no financial advice about how to deal with catastrophes … just know it can happen.  Be prepared by creating an overall plan that will make you and your family self reliant for at least a month. 

There are a lot of commercial earthquake kits out there.  Here is my favorite.  Why, because it is stored outside.  If the house goes down, your supplies are not inside.  They are expensive but it is quick and easy… remember time is running out!

You can also check out an earthquake detector here.  Obviously these things are questionable but the science behind them is sound.  If you got big bucks and you want to try it out, I would love to get some feedback on them.   (To be honest, I kinda want one!!)

Don’t count on the Governator to save you or your family.  Take the responsibility yourself and get started.  You will never be fully prepared unless you start somewhere.  Earthquakes are not an “if it happens” type event … this WILL HAPPEN, the question is how soon!

You can also check out some serious earthquake footage on the video links to the left <—  There are some crazy clips in there showing just what an earthquake can do!

Fellow Californian’s (or out-of-staters) let me hear your suggestions in the comments section.  I am always looking for good earthquake preps.  Wait What was that!?!  Oh, just a fat kid running by… phheewww!



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