California Earthquake

Yeah, yeah, I know I am a little late getting to the party on this one.  It happened yesterday right?

As many of you know I am taking the California State Bar so I have not been blogging with frequency.  I promise that will change soon and the suburban preparedness movement will be back on schedule.

A couple important things to note about the So. Cal tremor; there were water disruptions and gas lines broken.  This was a mild quake folks, they can get MUCH LARGER.  5.4 is NUTHIN!!!

If you live in an earthquake prone zone you better be prepared on ALL FRONTS.  Expect water supply problems, expect extended power outages and expect food shortages as main road ways are damaged and the trucks can’t get in or out.  I believe that if water mains are damaged they will be the most difficult to repair.  Most power companies have crews trained to restore power quickly, but water mains don’t burst everyday!!  Oh yeah… AND THEY ARE UNDERGROUND!  That might make it a LITTLE bit tougher!

Tomorrow is my last day of the bar but then I am off for a little vacation (I deserve it!!!)  Expect the normal post to start up again around mid August.  Hey, if Rangerman can take time off then why can’t I?

FYI, I got interviewed for the Details magazine article on suburban prepping.  I was glad to be able to provide some positive (hopefully) press for our movement.  If more suburbanites are prepared then we will have more people to band together with and the chances of our survival increase.


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