Cabelas Tactical and Home Defense Catalog – HELL YEAH!

Well where did this little beauty come from?  I have never seen this specialty catalog from Cabelas before but ME LIKEY!!

First off it has “Tactical” and “Home Defense” on the cover – 2 points for Cabelas.  These are two things I (and like minded preppers) are all about!

So let’s go through it and I’ll share my thoughts…

So you open this puppy up and you get this..

A DPMS, Panther Arms SURVIVAL KIT (oh yeah) for $1,000 that includes the rifle, 4 mags and a survival kit all in a discreet grab-n-go hard case.  Instant prep for a professional’s get home bag or something to throw in the closet.  Don’t forget your ammo!


 Next we find this little beauty.  The SENTRY Digital Home Defense Center (cool name?  Check!) It is a quick access safe that appears to be made for the corner of a room, perhaps a closet, and has a digital combination input on top of the safe.  It holds one rifle and one handgun in a simple ready-to-go fashion for instant deployment.  If you are like me and your gun safe is packed, it may take a few extra seconds to pull out my rifle and those seconds could cost my family thier life – UNACCEPTABLE.  I love this safe!  If my wife wouldn’t divorce me for buying it – this thing would be on a UPS truck!

This baby isn’t available for purchase on but I linked the page to the photo anyway.  Check out the video on the page too!

As I was browsing through this I saw an ankle holster.  Now, I currently don’t have an ankle holster because I can’t see the need.  But then I thought – during the initial breakdown of society, services, etc., you and me are going to see the need to be armed BUT not in full on tactical gear.  There is going to be a period where being armed is HIGHLY advised but being perceived as a threat is NOT… solution, concealed carrier or ankle holster (or Both)  So I am picking up one or two of these.

That is my guided tour of the new Cabela’s Tactical and Home Defense Catalog.



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