Booze for Prepping? Hell Yeah!

Booze has two characteristics that make it a great prep item … (1) it is consumable and (2) it is very barterable (is that a word?)

Stocking up on booze can prove to be a great move on your part for a SHTF scenario.  Certain spirits lend themselves to prepping.  The two big ones are vodka and wine.  Both can have almost an indefinite shelf life.  Both are commonly drank and appeal to a wide consumer base. 

If things get bad enough you can even tie one on and try to forget that the world has ended.  There are always people that are going to want to trade for booze (and cigarettes too, but I don’t think the shelf life on a Marlboro is very long).  At the supermarket you can pick up a bottle every once in a while and you shouldn’t feel the pinch too bad.  My Safeway even has Popov in plastic bottles to prevent breakage during an earthquake or siege!

Oh, AND … vodka can be used as an antiseptic and to make Molotov cocktails… BOOYA!

Anyone else know of spirits with long shelf lives?


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