Prepping Update – Things Seem Good Lately. Time to Rest on Prep?

Things have been pretty quiet lately regarding doomsday or potential SHTF events.  With the election looming mainstream coverage seems to be down-playing Armageddon.  Is it time to rest and relax on the preps?

I prefer a slow and steady, almost methodical, approach to prepping.  In other words, good or bad news, I steadily prep.  This is advantageous because:

  1. It allows you to use monthly budgeted amounts for prepping as opposed to large cash outlays (which our spouses may or may not like);
  2. It allows you to make a long-term plan for your needed preps based on your current situation and then accumulate them in an organized manner as opposed to haphazard purchases;
  3. You don’t get caught up in panic buying when prices spike thanks to the latest headlines;
  4. You should be ready (or close) when a sudden SHTF event occurs (earthquake, tsunami, terrorist attack, etc.) and
  5. It helps you automatically rotate stock or acquire fresh stock so you don’t have expired or soured preps.

Some standard set and forget preps are found below.  All of the items listed below are also EXCELLENT barter items.  I like and their subscription services for these:

  1. Bandages.  So critical.  Try having a small cut on your hand and working the day without one.  Your healing time increases exponentially.
  2. Antibiotic Ointment.  When used in conjunction with bandages, you reduce your risk for infection and cut healing times down.
  3. Peanut Butter.  Excellent source of calories and protein.  Also very portable.  Kids and adults love it the same.  This is a great deal btw.
  4. Water Bottles.  No real need to elaborate on this.  Portable and potable water may be gold when SHTF.  (sorry, no subscription for this one)
  5. Beef Jerky.  Long shelf life, portable and another great source of protein.
  6. Toothbrushes.  With no dentists around, dental care via preventive measures is key.
  7. Pain Relief – Ibuprofen.  I like the generics since they are way cheaper but some people just love the sugary coating on Advil.  Don’t forget Children’s Pain Relief too!
  8. Freeze Dried Food StoresFood will be the currency.  You can NEVER have too much.
  9. Batteries.  You can’t have too many of these.  I have been using the brand for a while now and like them based on their price.  Of course, if you are real prepper pro you get eneloops.

This list is not exhaustive but a good start.



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I think I want to be a Mormon – No, this isn’t political!

Check this out.

I think the Mormon’s are going to be the last religion standing come SHTF time.  Maybe I should convert now to the winning team!!


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The Next Horrible Virus Outbreak Might Be Our Fault

Interesting.  I like this article because if references some actual math!  Many preppers WAAAAY OVERESTIMATE the chances of a SHTF event.  This one might make you think about prepping just a little bit harder – and picking up some extra 3m Masks!

The Next Horrible Virus Outbreak Might Be Our Fault



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Prepping Time Frames; this week? this year? this decade?!

I often struggle with what time frame I should plan to prep for.  By that I mean, what time horizon should I be looking at and what preps meet each time frame best.  Here are my thoughts:

SHORT TERM: Short term prep risks are risks that are either brewing right now and which may “pop” at any moment OR unknown risks that pop unexpectedly but when they “pop” – they are immediate.  Events brewing right now that concern me are: Iran/Israel – will this start WWIII?; the Economy – no need to explain this; flu pandemic – are foreign scientists using the new open source code for airborne bird flu?; terrorist attacks – I don’t believe they could knock out the US with their limited resources but could an attack cause a knee jerk reaction that sends us into a greatER depression?  Unknown but immediate: asteroid strike, zombie outbreak (or other unknown viral outbreak); earthquake – I am in California!; serious terrorist attack which is possible enemy sponsored – i.e. sneeking a newly developed Iranian nuke into San Francisco, LA, NY or Chicago.

Prepping for the short-term.  Basically, get whatever you can as soon as you can!  Get beans, band aids and bullets.  Get your basics to survive short to midterm events.  Keep cash, these events will not cause the immediate dumping of the US currency as the defacto trade medium.  I can’t stress food enough.  FOOD – FOOD – FOOD… get the point?  I will gladly trade you my nicest rifle, all my ammo, my firewood, flashlights, or whatever to keep my kids fed.  I am willing to bet ANYONE would agree.

LONG-TERM: Long-term risks are those we see coming but seem so far off that there are easy to over look.   The most serious issue in this category is the US and GLOBAL debt issues.  When you think about our economy and how it is going – remember that almost 1 TRILLION (yes, with a “T”) of EXTRA money that shouldn’t be spent has been pumped in on an ANNUAL basis for the last 5 years!  I am talking about the fact that the US spends 1 trillion more that it takes in every year.   Eventually, the US will not be able to continue this spending spree and that spending will be reduced by a Trillion dollars.  This will affect the economy – corporations will make less – people will lose more jobs.  Basically when this happens – total financial Armageddon will reign.  Sound crazy - I don’t think it is.

Prepping for Long Term – This is different prepping than guns, food, etc.  You need land – land to provide for you and your family.  You need to reduce debt and get cash and intangibles.  You need to get skills that will provide money on the side in case you lose your job or to supplement your job with income to make ends meet. I recently started making my own beer.  Sound silly?  What do you think beer will sell for or trade for when you can’t buy it at the corner market anymore?

Consider purchasing rental real estate.  Everyone has to live somewhere.  Rental income is inflation and current event hedged income.  Unless you have rent control you can set your rents to whatever the market will bear in terms of current dollar value.  Is bread $1,000 a loaf?  Then $100,000 a month in rent will be had.  Purchase smaller condo or single family homes as they are cheaper and may be more valuable when times are tough.

When thinking long-term you must forego certain preps to save up for the longer term solutions.  You can’t buy a ranch if every dollar you have goes to firearms!  Think about it.

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2012 Survival Expo – Las Vegas

Ok, what suburban prepper doesn’t need an excuse to go to Vegas for the weekend, spend the afternoons looking at guns and survival gear and the evenings gambling?  If my schedule permitted I would be at this with bells on.  In fact, I inquired about being a guest speaker next year and they have (tentatively) agreed.  If you are in the area or can make it, please support this event.  We need more of these for like-minded preppers to meet and discuss prepping and to check out the latest in prep gear and firearms.  I am guessing that gun show portion was necessary to make it economically viable but I’d like to see the event be more about prep gear and less about guns… just my opinion as the less it has to do with guns, the more normal people like John and Jane Q-Public will attend.

See the generous coupon below that will get you $2 off your admission!

$50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY?!!?!?!? – That alone is worth checking the Expo out!





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