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This will do just fine on my perimeter fencing when I win the lottery (several times) and get to design and build my ultimate defense fortress!  File this under “just for fun” automated machine gun turret.

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Water, Water, Water…. Get the point?

Don’t forget that even with all the discussions about guns, ham radios, food stores, retreats, etc…. you will not make it more than 72 hours without water!

Locate water sources in your area as you cannot store enough to last forever.  Get water treatment options like filters, etc.  and ultimately you want a good 5 gallon pot to boil your water.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a nice supply of water bottles too.

If you control water you may just be able to scavenge enough to survive – if you don’t?  Well, game over.

JUST REMEMBER TO PREP WATER – WATER – WATER.  It is the first three rules of prepping!!!



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Night Vision a Game Changer for Preppers?

Night VisionNight Vision – You absolutely will NOT be able to get it after the crash/event – NO ONE will trade you for one – you can’t make it… so if you want it, your only choice is to get it now.

Should you buy night vision?  Good Question.

NV is expensive.  Funds that would be spent on NV could go to more practical preps; food, ammo; medicine; water supply and treatment.  If you are reader of my blog you know I favor these preps over everything else.

NV can also be a game changer if something happens.  The United States’ superiority in the military arena is because it is one of the few countries that can fight in the dark (We used to be the ONLY one that could).  I could argue that a pair of Gen 3 or Gen 4 NV goggles coupled with a Glock pistol would have the same force and effect as a rifleman (i.e. – properly equipped and lightly trained soldier) who has no NV optics and thus cannot see in the dark.  Information regarding target location and efficient maneuvering in the dark will give you the advantage in combat and evasion.  Let’s face, in post SHTF world evasion is your best bet. Read more

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Armor / Armor Carriers / Tactical Vests and Molle Gear

MOLLE GearI have been prepping a lot of molle gear (pronounced Molly – like the name).  You have seen these at almost every prep site and if you are in the military or have even seen a recent war movie – you have seen it in action.  Basically it consists of interchangeable pouches on vests and backpacks allowing you to customize your “loadout” or setup based on what your activity or mission is.

The key to the system is a series of nylon straps that form a web.  Then, compatible accessories, which are made by many, many manufacturers, attach to it.  There are literally 1,000′s of accessory pouches and attachments.  You can have magazine pouches, first aid, pistol holsters, hydration carriers, flashlight pouches, knife sheaths and even grenade pouches… I wish I could get me some of those! (well, I can, I just don’t have the grenades to put in them) Read more

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