Bits of Advice

I can’t come up with anything amazing to say so here a few bits and pieces:

Keep a case of flat black spray paint and flat black spray primer around.  That way you can quickly convert your shiny new car/suv into a dull looking, non-reflective SHTF ride.

Keep nails around. I keep a few 5lb boxes of 20 penny and 40 penny around.  If the grid is down a hammer and nails will be your friend.  No power required.  Nails did the job for hundreds of years before the screw became common place. 

For you families out there.  I keep a cheap umbrella stroller in my trunk along with my get-home-bag.  That way if I have one or even two of my little ones I can transport them in the stroller.  Children will NOT have the stamina needed in a SHTF get-home scenario and the stroller is a great way to transport them.

I do NOT keep ammunition for barter. I think that is a flawed strategy.  Why would you give someone else the ability to forcefully take what you have?  If, however, you have ammo and no food, then yes by all means trade it away to feed your family. 

When I come across a website that has useful information I add it to my favorites in a special folder and then come back later and print out those pages and put them in an “emp proof” binder.  That way I know how many drops of bleach are needed to purify water or how many “rads” my body can take per hour in the event of nuclear exposure. 

Listen to the radio in the morning while you are getting ready for work (if you don’t watch the news or already do so) as this will connect you to the world and you can make sure that you are not blindly heading out into the world when something crazy has happened.

Sorry for the late posts on Mondays.  Weekends are hectic.  You have also probably noticed I am no longer posting on Sundays.


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