Bird flu pandemic in humans could happen any time – GET PREPARED!

Don’t forget about this… SEE BELOW -

“The world has yet to see a form of the deadly bird flu virus that could spread easily between people and cause a global outbreak – but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, scientists said “  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE.

BIRD FLU PREPS CHECKLIST (short and not comprehensive):

  1. Masks or Particulate Respirators  - Don’t cheap out, get the good ones.  3M n95 or better.  Or one of THESE is you are serious about protection.
  2. Disposable Gloves – No, they are not all created equal.  Get at least 8 ml golve thickness so you reduce the risk of ripping them and exposing yourself.  THESE are great gloves.
  3. Sanitizer -  IF you go out into the pandemic world you will need to sanitize everything you bring back.  Stock up on sanitizer.  TRY THIS.
  4. UV capable air filter might help.  HERE.
  5. Finally, garbage bags, duct tape, and finally if all else fails – the ability to stay in your home until the pandemic is over (i.e. food, water, medicine).

Or maybe we don’t wait for nature and humans are the catalyst… SEE BELOW (this is sort of old)

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