Back in the Action!

Loyal Readers, I am proud to say that after a long absence I am back and will be doing my best to post daily.

As many of you know I took the last few months to take the California Bar exam and then a nice week long vacation in Hawaii.  I am not sad to be done with that!  I am a surburban prepper so yes, I do vacation!

But, like any good blogger I would never post without providing some sort of preparedness advice/experience.  It is always good to remember to stay prepared for disaster (or something less) at any time… even vacation.

Like most good preppers I did my best to prep for the unknown even on my trip to Hawaii.  I packed first aid, multitools, flashlights and lightsticks.  I was restrained by the TSA on the restrictions of items I may bring so I did the best I could.  In other words, I had to leave my .45 at home.  I hated to be totally unarmed for a whole week….BUMMER!

My wife suffered a pretty serious wound while surfing.  She bailed hard and came down knee first on some coral… OUCH!  My limited first aid supplies were not enough to deal with the wound and she probably could have used stitches but we decided against it.  The nice thing about traveling in the US was that all of our normal stores were close by and was able to pick up butterfly bandages to keep the would closed, I cleaned it with peroxide (she loved that part) and then kept it clean for the rest of the week.  Wounds from coral must be cleaned well to decrease the risk from infection as coral is a living organism.  I am happy to say she is just fine and the wound closed nicely.  So, I wasn’t actually prepared supply-wise for this emergency but skill-wise and mentally we were just fine.  Never let your guard down… even on vacation.

Now some preppers are freaked out about traveling.  They have to leave there nests full of gear and supplies and that makes us already paranoid preppers even more nervous.  We have to remember that we can’t always be 100% safe.  Hell, even in our nests we are not 100% safe.  Even the most devoted prepper must venture out and enjoy life from now and then and just let it go!!  Don’t waste your life worrying about everything that could happen.  Do your best to minimize your risks and then just live! 

Even the most devout survivalist has to go into town for supplies now and then and every time you get in a car you are risking your life.  Enjoy your life and live it.  Keep prepping and I will see you soon!


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