Avoid These CR123 Batteries!! They are no good for Preppers…

Readers, I have a lot of Surefire G2 LED flashlights.  In my opinion they are one of the best flash lights a prepper can have.  They are compact, durable and kick out sufficient white light for the price (they used to be $60 now they are $90, But there’s no inflation right?).   I roll with the old style but the new Surefire G2s are extremely sick too (brighter, two modes)… it’s just that they are $90…  I guess I’ll be picking a couple up soon (because I am weak and can’t help myself)

So naturally I stock the batteries that run these tactical grade flashlights run on… the CR123.  Most of you preppers know about them.  I usually only roll with Surefire batteries in the 24-pack.  I keep two boxes (48 total) as a minimum since you can run through them pretty quick.

I am not sure where I got these other batteries, but when I did I remembered all those studies you and I have read about generic batteries lasting as long as name brands and so on… so I thought, these are probably good-to-go.  Well THEY WEREN’T and when I went to load them into my G2, they lit the light for about 5 measly seconds and then DIED!  Can you believe the trouble I would be if I had relied on these post-shtf!!!! 

 BATTERY STATION BRAND CR123′s You Are F-ing OUT!  So if you see these culprits on your shelf, use them now or toss them!

Speaking of batteries – if you are not on the Eneloop train then you need to be ASAP.  I Picked up this Eneloop starter pack (Actually I bought 3 over time so I could charge 12 AA batteries at once) and love it.  Once dead, you charge them up (up to 1500x) and you are good-to-go for a fraction of new batteries. [ Check out the Fenix TK41 - which is bad-ass btw! for longer run times!] Couple some Eneloop charges with a power strip and an GoalZero Adventure 350 Kit (SEE REVIEW BELOW) and your prep gear is going to run for a long time.  Make sure you are stocked for batteries!  A prepper can never have too many. 



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