The Suburban Prepper’s Tale

 About Suburban Prepper:

Those of us in moderately populated areas have the right to prep. I don’t use the word survivalist in this to describe us because that term is not accurate to describe the Suburban Prepper. Many of us cannot or will not move out to rural northern Idaho in order to increase our chances (nothing is a guarantee) of survival in a SHTF scenario. For the Suburban Prepper, the goal is to minimize the impact on your family while maintaining sufficient food stores, general survival gear, home protection and maximizing your chance of being ready for the next quake, flood, economic collapse, riot, bird flu outbreak or dirty bomb that happens to come our way.If you are a suburban prepper or a survivalist who hasn’t convinced his wife that the northern Idaho way is for you … then Welcome!

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The goal of this blog is to help those:

    - Who live in suburbia or a lightly populated city or town,
    - Who cannot telecommute so as to live in the boonies,
    - That have a family that you are not ready or willing to relocate to the boonies so they can lead a normal life amongst friends and family,
    - Who believe that it is YOUR duty to protect your home and family and not the governments’,
    - Who are willing to invest time and money in an insurance policy against the unexpected and

- Who believe that the Stuff can hit the fan at ANY MOMENT…

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Suburban Prepper:
The SP lives in an undisclosed town in Northern California. He has always been a fan of self-reliance and fears having to depend on anyone but his family for help (yeah that means you FEMA!)

The SP has insurance for his house, cars and life and he believes everyone should have insurance against unknown events out of their control.

The SP is very pro-gun and pro-second amendment. It is everyone’s constitutionally given right to bear arms!! How many guns is totally their call … but every home SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE GUN WITH A PERSON THAT KNOWS HOW TO SHOOT IT. So stock up on your guns and survival gear.

The SP lives in a “sort” of suburbia. In the evenings he is out in the streets playing with his kids, shooting the breeze with his neighbors and sipping a brew. He keeps an eye to the sky and never wakes up without turing on the radio to get updated on any important news that he may need.

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