7 Random Prepper Related Thoughts…

1) I spent two days painting some old furniture with a spray gun and had to spend hours in a 3M mask.  Let me tell you, if we need to wear these on a regular basis for some sort of SHTF event, plan on cutting your productivity by 25% to 50%.  They reduce airflow, increase heat accumulation and are just a general pain in the ass.

2) IRAN now says they can target 35 bases if we (or presumably Israel) attack them.  Now, Iran is usually full of shit but lets say there is 10% of truth to this – that makes for 3-4 US bases hit by Iran.  If that happens does Barrack nuke them?  Go MOAB?  Or how about using a nuke to EMP their asses?  Any of these could be the catalyst to start WWIII.  The US may be pulled into WWIII by Israel.  That would hurt as our economy is shit and we are teetering on disaster as it is.  See the Story Here.

3) You’ll remember I picked up a Goal Zero Adventure 350 kit a month or two ago and did a review.  SEE IT HERE.  Well, as it turns out the battery was draining 90% in about a 9 days which didn’t seem normal.  After a lengthy email exchange with Goal Zero’s customer service a new battery is being sent out and then I send the old one back.  Not a bad result but I am not thrilled that my unit was defective.  AS ALWAYS – CHECK YOUR PREP GEAR NOW BEFORE YOU HAVE TO RELY ON IT!!!

4) Gold price has dipped.  Should you buy now?  I am buying a little here and there.  Long term there is a good chance it is a good buy.

5) Guns or Accessories.  I have been going back and forth about whether to acquire new guns, buy more ammo OR get valuable accessories for the guns I already have.  If you have firearms are your optics quality?  Do you have backups?  Do your pistols have night sights?  Weapon lights?  Here is the latest from EOTECH which I am purchasing soon for my latest rifle.  The magnifier has a buttonless flip to the side feature.  Also this is the one that is compatible with night vision!

6) Night Vision.  I have not acquired NV yet but am torn.  It is expensive but MAN would it be tactically advantageous.  I am future proofing all of my optics for night vision capabilities as I feel it is something that will happen and I don’t want my optics to be outdated.  Also, for preppers I believe NV is superior to thermal.  NV isn’t always about spotting and shooting people but about navigating at night to gather resources, etc.  Thermal is 5-10x as expensive and really only outshines NV for acquiring people.  My two cents.

7) Barter, Barter, Barter – What to buy for barter?  FOOD!  I can’t stress this enough… people will always need food!  Those who haven’t prepped won’t need ammo but they will need to feed their kids… PREP TOO MUCH FOOD!!!



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