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What EVERY Prepper Can Do RIGHT NOW!

May 28th, 2012 (3 Comments)

I get emails all the time about what preps someone should buy.  “SP – I have this, and 2 of that… I have an extra $150 this month – What should I get?”  I try to answer as many of these as I can, although I am a normal working shlub like everyone else, so […]

Maps of Your AO or Area of Operation

May 25th, 2012 (2 Comments)

We all know that knowledge is key right?  A commander with superior intel (intelligence) will have an advantage on the battlefield.  In fact, billions are spent by the military every year developing ways for commanders and soldiers on the ground to gather valuable intel so that they have the advantage in a fight.  One of the […]

Stuff I REALLY Liked (and bought) from Last Post

May 23rd, 2012 (1 Comment)

Ok here is what I thought was thoughtful and what I actually bought: Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit – Compact and portable.  Fishing could be an essential way to survive.  Creeks, rivers and lakes are home to TONS of food IF you have the equipment (and know how) to get them out!  Do some […]

You Gotta Love Main Stream Survival

May 21st, 2012 (1 Comment)

Now – at first blush the link below is cheesy.  But, as I looked into it further the detail and thought is there.  This is a legit!  I love how the pictures are linked to vendors that sell them too!  Very creative.  See the link below.

Bank Runs?!?!

May 16th, 2012 (2 Comments)

We have all heard of the term bank run… it stands for the phenomenon that occurs when the general public beleives that their deposits are no longer safe in banking institutions and don’t want to be the last guy in the bank when he is informed that “sorry, we are out of cash”.  It can […]