2012 Survival Expo – Las Vegas


Ok, what suburban prepper doesn’t need an excuse to go to Vegas for the weekend, spend the afternoons looking at guns and survival gear and the evenings gambling?  If my schedule permitted I would be at this with bells on.  In fact, I inquired about being a guest speaker next year and they have (tentatively) agreed.  If you are in the area or can make it, please support this event.  We need more of these for like-minded preppers to meet and discuss prepping and to check out the latest in prep gear and firearms.  I am guessing that gun show portion was necessary to make it economically viable but I’d like to see the event be more about prep gear and less about guns… just my opinion as the less it has to do with guns, the more normal people like John and Jane Q-Public will attend.

See the generous coupon below that will get you $2 off your admission!

$50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY?!!?!?!? – That alone is worth checking the Expo out!





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